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Who We Are


As a leader in the ICT manufacturing industry, specializing innovative products in domains of the last mile access network, wireless access, IoT and media streaming gadget, our team is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction through value added and advanced R&DB project . We take pride in selecting the right teams to meet the demanding and everchanging needs of our customers. Our leadership in this industry is directly attributable to our talented staff’s dedicated attention to our customers’ needs and executing effective solutions to achieve success. Thus our motto: “Building a better future together”.

Looking to the future, and our next stage of growth, it is important to remember what first inspired this company to succeed. Our founder, Jaegeun Kim, set the example for us to follow with his passion for excellence in R&D, superior quality workmanship, and his enthusiasm for life. That passion remains the lifeblood of this company and continues to translate into tremendous success.   Read more…


The mission has been evident since the establishment of our corporation when our founders set out to build a premium quality service company. We will continue to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by improving sustainability and increasing our corporate value as the following mission statements.

  • Building a better future together on the everchanging ICT ecosystem
  • Bridging past, present, and future
  • Meeting the expectations of our stakeholders by improving sustainability and increasing our corporate value

Do whatever we can do as a core player in the supply chain and wait for our stakeholder’s will to meet the current future in Tellion!

The values we share with customers and partners are embodied in what goes on at Tellion from day to day.

On behalf of Tellion, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you will see why we love what we do.  We are an experienced team, and our people, our commitment, and our competence make us stand out from our passion and achievement. We believe in that our ambition is driving force we will be the leading actor in the global ICT product market beyond Korea. During the last years, we have been focusing on strengthen our core competencies and commercialize our technologies and entered successfully to service providers in and out of Korea.

Recently, Tellion has been powering up the product line-up, including next-generation PON, gigabit wireless router, ultra-HD and virtual reality media streaming devices, IoT hub and its sensor module connecting the AED,  and so on, in addition to existing commercial products for the VDSL, Ethernet and PON solutions. We believe, together with our partners, we shall be chosen as the best player for service providers and customers. Through systematic management processes and qualified products, we shall win the market and customer’s confidence. Already we have well experienced entering Korea and overseas market with independent partners. With innovative solutions and products, we shall give our all stakeholders assurance to always make returns that they require.

Thank you all who visit this website. Blessings to you!

J.G. Kim

Tellion’s Four Areas of RD&B


As a global leader in delivering FTTx solutions for service providers, Tellion has the technology and expertise necessary for every type of network and application. Since 2000, Tellion has earned tremendous customer loyalty and satisfaction through reputation for delivering a combination of technology innovation and value across its entire product portfolio. Tellion delivers the perfect combination of scalability, advanced IP functionality, performance and of course reliability to optimize investment and thereby reduce the cost of ownership. To build a better future on our everchanging ecosystem, we has been reorganizing the business model to the following four product sectors, 1) next generation passive optical network(NG-PON) optical line terminal(OLT) and optical network unit(ONU), 2) wireless access router based giga LTE, 5G and multi-gigabit WiFi, 3) wireless VR network device for cutting the cord between the headset and media server, and 4) IoT hub, devices and trust managed solution. 


Access Networks

Tellion offers the cost optimizing options for the last mile access network you look forward, enabling to take control of CapEx and OpEx.

Change Your Last mile!

Tellion offers a wide range of technology choices to enable service providers to build the most cost optimized last-mile solution for their needs.

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Gigabit Wireless

You can experience an amazing transition that finally removes the distinction of business models between fixed and mobile networks

Perfect For Fixed and Mobile Access

We are tapping a demarcation point that will finally remove industrial distinctions between fixed and mobile networks

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Internet of Things

We draw on our experience and expertise to select and recommend the advanced technology that gives best answers to our customers’ needs.

Make Your Things Organic!

We draw on our experience and expertise to select and recommend the advanced technology that gives best answers to our customers’ needs

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Media Streaming

Tellion provides the innovative and highly integrated hardware solutions allowing best-in-class antenna reception and compact design.

Build Your Screen Amazing

We supply innovative and highly integrated gadgets allowing best-in-class media streaming and gigabit wireless access.

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Why Choose Us

  • Tellion people believe that satisfied customers are essential to their success

  • Fully responsive so your experience will always look good on any product and service

  • Awesome product gives you the opportunity to showcase important business model

  • Tellion people enjoy reliable high-level customer support options with 24-7-365

  • We need to share value with customers. It’s the key for outstanding customer service.


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Location & Map

Tellion, Miraeasset Venture Tower, 685 Sampyeong-dong Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Landing Product

We are launching a new 4K UHD Media Streaming device.

Key Features

With Media Streaming technology, intelligent user experience and internet of things are supported.